New Milford Web Design specializes in creating simple, informative html websites.

My approach to website design has remained pretty much the same since

I began doing this type of work back in 1997.


Keep it simple, practical, useful and affordable.


Rather than offer a multitude of options with varying degrees of success,

I prefer to accomplish a few things exceptionally well.




I build websites in a very frugal manner. A good portion of the work I do comes from individuals and businesses that have previously tried building and maintaining websites on their own. Somewhere along the line they realize that there is often more to it than they originally envisioned. The abyss between what they wanted from their website and what they really needed to accomplish those goals can be a tricky conversation. That abyss can also be a lonely, frustrating and expensive place when going it alone. My belief is that it is more prudent to grow into the website that you are looking for rather than trying to accomplish it all at once.


In most instances, building a better website does not start with graphics and layout. Granted, those elements are inherently important, but having a sophisticated or “eye-candy website” does not equate to being successful on the web. The real name of the game is “being found on the web.” For that to happen, certain things need to be in place. Generally that process involves SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Specifically, that process involves following a series of “Best Practices” as explained by the search engines themselves.


An Organic SEO is available for all websites created at the webstudio. It is fundamentally “the edge” (which many designers and webstudios omit) which allows sites to do well in the search engines even before discussion begins on the need for PPC or web marketing.



PROTECTING YOUR ONLINE IMAGES. There are a variety of online services which “protect“ online images from being copied/downloaded/captured and used by others. They generate "no-right click" options, or use flash, or add instant watermarks, or... well you get the idea. However, the reality of it all is simple. If someone wants to grab an image from your website – they will. While some of the online image protection services may discourage misuse (illegal use) of your images, they really only dissuade the amateurs or faint-hearted. Even if you were to blast an ungodly watermark across your image, trust me, there are multitudes of people out there that can simply “erase” that watermark using Photoshop. read more...

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